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What is better, beds or verticals?

A question we often hear in our tanning studio. The answer really depends on your objectives and preferences.

  • Sleep vs. Dance:  Obviously, it’s very difficult to sleep or relax standing up, although I have seen some people master this in the subway. The answer depends on whether you want to relax/ sleep, or do the two-step shuffle to your favourite tunes. Answer: Depends.

  • Facial Tanning:  Tanning beds usually have facial tanning units, whereas vertical units do not. Facial tanning units are usually stronger than body lamps in order to help keep face and body the same colour during winter months, when outdoor UV levels are low. (Why? Skin becomes more resistant to UV over time, thus, because the face is most often exposed, it requires more UV over time to get the same results). Another benfit, facial units can also be turned off for those wanting not to tan their face. Vertical tanning machines usually have tubes running from floor to ceiling within the machine. Thus, there is no adjustment mechanism, other than using SPF on your face, or putting a cloth over your face. Answer: Beds.

  • Skin Folds and Pressure Points:  When laying down on a sunbed, the bulk of your weight is carried by your tailbone and shoulder blades. This pressure often results in those areas not tanning properly, leaving untanned ‘white’ spots. This problem is easily remedied by raising your knees thereby shifting your body weight away from the tailbone, as well as alternately raising your arms over-head. On the other hand, when standing in a vertical, most people experience a gluteal fold where the buttocks folds over the back of the thigh. This is usually resolved by bending the knees. However folds caused by breasts, or excessive weight are not as easily solved while standing. This problem can be resolved by further shifting of body position on tanning beds. Answer: Beds, by a little.

  • Hygiene:  For peace of mind, vertical units allow you to not need to come into contact with the acrylic within the tanning machine. Although we import special acrylic cleaning products from the USA designed for tanning beds to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, etc, we do understand the peace of mind some members prefer. Answer: Verticals, by a little.

  • Speed:  Although there are a lot of fast tanning beds, on average, most available verticals tend to be a little faster. Mind you, higher UV output does not equal better tanning. In fact, we find clients with fairer skin usually respond better to slower tanning machines. Of course, this depends on the individual and their goals. Answer: Verticals.

  • Temperature:  Tanning beds have a tendency to be warmer as your body traps the heat between yourself and the acrylic underneath you. Of course, some beds have air-conditioning units built in, so it really depends. Verticals allow the heat to naturally move up the inside of the machine, as well as providing full ventilation around you. In terms of tanning effect, we find warmer usually equals a better tan, but good luck finding supporting evidence for this. We looked. Answer: Depends…

  • Trends:  In any city where rents are high, you will probably find more vertical tanning machines than tanning beds as they take less space. Vertical tanning machines also tend to be a little less expensive than equivalently powered beds. Thus, standing units tend to be a better return for tanning studios, making them more common in Hong Kong. More a function of supply than demand. Here at the Beach, we offer 5 beds and 5 verticals. We leave the choice to you. Answer: Not relevant to tanning..