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Indoor Tanning: Best Results

We've delivered many, many tanning sessions to thousands of individuals over the years. Here we provide some of the best practices to get the best possible indoor tanning results. (Most of these work for outdoor tanning too.)

  • Hot vs. Cold:  We believe choosing to be warmer during your tanning session should increase the pigment darkening process. Melanin reacts in combination with UVA and oxygen, so skin more flushed with blood should provide more oxygen to the tanning process. (This is only a working theory, but most members agree the heat improves their tanning process.) Of course, if you’ve got to put a suit back on before rushing out to a meeting, you may prefer the cooler no-sweat air-conditioning and sacrifice some of the result.

  • Shorter Sessions, more frequently:  Many members like to come in once a week, or even less frequently, and expose themselves to large doses of UV. We encourage our members to visit more frequently and take much shorter sessions. The net result is usually a better, more consistent tan, with less overall UV exposure. Shorter sessions stress the skin much less, also drying the skin much less allowing you to keep your tan longer. Even better, the chance of sunburn is also significantly reduced. Shorter sessions delivered more frequently provide more of the beneficial elements of tanning, while reducing some of the risks.

  • Indoor Tanning Lotions:  These products should be applied prior to indoor tanning machines. They boost moisture, and include ingredients to help feed the tanning process. Many products also include bronzers to help provide a more immediate hint of colour while helping conceal scars and other areas that may not tan, and become more obvious as the skin around the area becomes darker.

  • Beds vs. Verticals:  This question depends more on what you are looking for than any concrete absolute rule. In fact, this question is so detailed it got a webpage all to itself. Please check out “Beds vs. Verticals” within the Tanning: Info section.

  • Showers:  Lots of members have told us they don’t like to shower immediately after tanning as they feel it lessens the tanning effect. Although it may reduce the absorption of a bronzing agent, our working theory on this is people choose cooler showers after tanning to cool down, which may partly stunt the tanning process. When we encouraged members to try hotter showers after tanning, they reported the problem solved. (Not the bronzing issue however, because bronzers do require a setting time.)

  • Squeaky Clean:  A quick, warm shower may help eliminate oils, pollution and dead skin that may interfere with the absorption of UV. A hot shower may also help flush the skin with oxygen rich blood helping feed the tanning process.

  • Pre-Tan SpaCapsule:  We love the results our new SpaCapsule Pre-Tan program gives our members, but our members love it even more. Bathe in steam infused with tanning oil as oxygen fills the capsule. Opened pores readily absorb the oils leaving the skin ready for great tanning results. And that's just the start to the benefits our SpaCapsule offers. A must-try for serious tanners.