indoor tanning

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Choosing your Studio:

Almost every day we get phone calls from potential clients interested in our studio, and I would estimate around 80% of the questions are about pricing. Of course, pricing is important, but we suggest you consider these other possible concerns.

  • Equipment:  Ultimately, it's the equipment you are going to use that is going to give you the tan you are looking for. It's important they have enough machines to accomodate availability, the variety to meet your needs, as well as maintenance that helps deliver good results. Of course, when you do visit the studio, you should check for cleanliness and possible dark ends that may indicate older tubes.

    • How many machines do you have?
    • What types of machines (beds/verticals), and are they of different intensity/power?
    • How frequently do you replace lamps?

  • Location:  To get a tan may require 3-6 visits over 1-2 weeks, and maintaining that tan might involve another 1-2 visits per week thereafter if outdoor tanning is not available or possible. Thus, the location should be convenient, and the hours should accomodate your schedule.

  • Staff:  Knowledgeable, helpful staff will make every visit significantly more enjoyable, especially if you are new to indoor tanning.

  • Pricing:  Unfortunately, pricing alone doesn't really tell the story. Service providers offering low prices could be setting their tanning times lower, expecting you to need multiple sessions. Half price tanning is meaningless if you need two or more sessions to get the same results. Try asking how much time most clients generally consume per visit. The quantity, power, quality, and age of the lamps significantly affect the time you'll need to spend on the equipment.

    • Does the package need to be consumed within a certain time period?
    • What is included in the price?
    • Can I share my package with a friend/partner?
    • Can I transfer some of my package to a friend/partner?
    • Does the package permit usage on all equipment?
    • What other services do you have available? Can I use my package on those services too?