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Indoor Tanning Beds: Best Results

The Best Practices listed here are specific only to indoor tanning BEDS. For the full list relating to tanning in general, please visit “Best Results”

  • White Spots from Pressure Points:  First, for those of you who have never even seen an indoor tanning bed, this probably won't make much sense. Second, we are not refering to tiny white spots that occur from uneven melanocyte distribution, and hence melanin. We are referring to a small area on the tail bone and shoulder blades. When laying down on a sunbed, the bulk of your weight is carried by your tailbone and shoulder blades. This pressure often results in those areas not tanning properly, leaving untanned ‘white’ spots. This problem is easily remedied by raising your knees thereby shifting your body weight away from the tailbone, as well as alternately raising your arms over-head every few minutes.

  • Striping:  No, we do not mean taking off your clothes for money. (That's stripping). Larger individuals using smaller tanning beds sometimes notice a lack of colour on the sides of their bodies. This happens when tanning beds have larger gaps in the tube distribution, usually to the left and right sides, or if there are tubes burnt out. When we first opened our studio some of our original beginner beds caused this problem to the sides of larger members. If larger beds are not available, turning on your side will be necessary to help even things out.