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Indoor Tanning Verticals: Best Results

The Best Practices listed here are specific only to indoor tanning VERTICALS. For the full list relating to tanning in general, please visit “Best Results”

  • White Spots from Skin Folds:  An embarrasing problem no doubt. It is perfectly normal to have what's called a 'gluteal fold', which is where the bottom of the buttocks folds over the back of the leg. Women can also have this problem where breasts fold over the lower chest immediatly below the breasts. Basically, anywhere the skin folds over itself, the UV light will not be able to tan. In the case of the gluteal fold, bending your knees will help. Unfortunately this might not work so well for other fold areas. Larger people may find best results on a tanning bed instead of a vertical tanning machine.

  • Striping:  Striping or white stripes caused from uneven tanning is very unusual in vertical tanning machines. It may be possible some tubes may be burnt out, or the door is not properly closed. (It would be noticeably open, not just a little bit. If burnt out tubes are the problem, inform the staff. Honestly, it sometimes happens to us too. Defective lamps and starters can burn out well before their recommended replacement hours are completed. Of course, if the problem is not remedied in a reasonable time period, comments should become complaints.