self tanning

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Applying & Developing your Self Tan:

If you've followed our steps and prepared both yourself and your workspace, then you're ready to get started.


  • Get Tied Up:  Using your hair band or shower cap make sure your hair is held back and you have access to your hairline to work self tan in. If you have thin or very short hair, you may need to apply self tan to your whole scalp. Hair may take on some colour, however it should wash out after your first shampoo.

  • Moisturize:  Apply a light amount of moisturizer to your knees and elbows to prevent excessive absorption of the self tanner.

  • Bar some:  Apply your choice of barrier cream/oil to your heels, side of feet, between toes and toe nails. You will do the same with your hands, but not right away because you should be using gloves/mitts. (No point getting oils or barrier cream on the inside of your gloves.) Use a little, not a lot. We don't want it to run if it's an oil.

  • Time to Get It On!:  If using a spray, you can spray directly onto your skin, and then rub the product into your skin with your free hand. Using an applicator mitt is highly advisable, otherwise there is a good chance your hands will take on a significant amount of colour. Any other product will involve applying directly onto the applicator mitt, and then applying to your skin. The sponge-like mitt greatly reduces spillage of product, and is well worth the small expenditure.

  • Hands On!:  After finishing your whole body, you can remove your gloves. Make sure any barrier cream/oil that may have accidentally gotten onto the back of your hands is removed, and make sure you lightly apply barrier cream to your sides of your palm, fingers and finger nails. Use the mitts to apply your product, or lightly spray over your hands avoiding your palms. Wipe the barrier cream/oil off your hands and feet.


  • Calm, cool, collected:  Hopefully you planned well, so all you now need to is slip into some light weight, dark, loose fitting clothing that covers enough of you that you won't transfer the excess colour to your environment. You should be comfortable, but not hot. Sweating is a big no-no.

    Catch up on your favourite Korean drama series, Netflix, or cat videos. It will take 1 to 6 hours depending on your solution choice. Make sure you don't sweat, and be careful when comsuming beverages not to remove any solution from your lip area.

  • Hands Off!:  You will want to admire your work, but do not touch your skin with your palms otherwise you will transfer excess solutions onto your palms. In fact, be very careful not to scratch or rub your skin during the development time.

  • Shower time:  Once you've completed your development process, you will be darker than you should be due to the excess solution. A quick light shower will be more than sufficient. Don't forget to shampoo your hair to eliminate any product that may have gotten into your hair. A bath is not recommended because the self-tan will fill the water leaving a slight residue back on your skin.

    It may look like most of your self-tan has gone down the drain but don't worry, it's just the excess solution.

  • Moisturize:  There's no time like the present to start prolonging your self tan. Apply a light moisturizer over your whole body. This will help keep your skin from drying out, as well as act as a slight barrier to the product rubbing off in the event your shower was a little too light.