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Detox/Hydration SpaCapsule: RedFusion

Detox/Hydration SpaCapsule:

Select a course of treatments, or focus exclusively on your intended goals. Courses and programs include:

Anti-Aging Program:
  3 steps/treatments over 7-10 days

#1: Activate
HKD198 / 2.00 Points

Stimulates and activates collagen while improving tone and texture of your skin.
#2: Accelerate
HKD278 / 3.00 Points

Rejuvenates and boosts anti-aging process while improving your overall skin condition.
#3: Achieve
HKD368 / 4.00 Points

Full body detoxification and anti-aging while replenishing moisture to your skin.

Weight-Loss Program:
  4 steps/treatments over 8-12 days

#4: Cleanse
HKD238 / 2.50 Points

Aggressive detoxification while improving tone & texture of your skin.
#5: Condition
HKD278 / 3.00 Points

Re-Energizes while stimulating weight-loss.
#6: Contour
HKD278 / 3.00 Points

Tones, smooths, and soothes muscles while reducing appearance of cellulite.
#7: Core
HKD278 / 3.00 Points

Raises metabolic rate while improving whole body appearance.

Tan & Glow:
  Single pre-tan step/treatment

#8: Tan & Glow
HKD198 / 2.00 Points

Deep hydration and tan preparation.